"The Craft has a responsibility to provide new members with opportunities to meet and interact with others, to help them to do their share, and to provide knowledge about the Fraternity."

Raymond Hollis, "How to enthuse the new Mason", MQ Magazine, October 2004


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Candidates for Freemasonry, of the right quality, are not always easy to find and it is therefore particularly disappointing when any Initiate feels the need to resign from the Craft. It must be in all our interests to ensure that such resignations are kept to an absolute minimum and that, when they do occur, they are not as a result of the Lodge showing a lack of interest in, or support for the Initiate.

The purpose of a Mentoring Scheme is to provide a high level of personal support to each Candidate, in order to ensure that he is able to enjoy being a Freemason, understands the principles of the Craft, and becomes involved in his Lodge and all its activities as fully as possible.

It is accepted that one person alone cannot achieve this objective. The Lodge, as a whole, must welcome, support and value its new members - indeed, every member! The Lodge Mentoring Coordinator must be assisted by other members of the Lodge, co-ordinating the Proposers, Seconders or other brethren he has selected to act as Mentors under his guidance. Each Lodge will of course approach this task in its own preferred way, but whatever that way is, there needs to be acceptance of the fact that a structure is necessary. It is not enough to merely depend upon a Proposer or Seconder, however well meaning they may be, for their other duties in the Lodge or an inability to attend regularly may leave the Candidate neglected.

This sub-section describes the model for a Mentoring Scheme within a Lodge. It suggests: