Information For RA Representatives


The role of a Royal Arch Representative in a Craft Lodge is important. He provides a vital and essential link between the Craft Lodge to which he is appointed and the Royal Arch Province he represents. He will therefore be able to identify the brethren in the Craft Lodge who have yet to become Royal Arch Companions, and whom he considers to be suitable candidates.

Ideally, a brother should join the Royal Arch within three years of becoming a Craft Mason, and before becoming a Craft Warden.

The Royal Arch Representative should get to know potential candidates with a view to ascertaining their likes and dislikes, and interests. It is important to try and ensure that the candidate is recommended to join a Royal Arch Chapter where there are Companions with whom he is likely to be compatible. It is desirable (but not essential) that the candidate should be recommended to join a Chapter that meets at a different venue to his Craft Lodge.
This will give him an opportunity to become acquainted with a different Masonic Centre, and to get to know and befriend Masons other than those with whom he is in regular contact in his Craft Lodge.

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