Welcome to Craft Mentoring

From the Pro Grand Master, Peter Lowndes.

progm4M W Pro Grand Master

Welcome to the website for Masonic Mentors. I have said before that it has to be right to explain to a brother what he has joined and to help him enjoy his masonry so that he wants to contribute to its future.


The logical result from this is that, not only will he feel involved in the life of his Lodge, but he will feel confident to discuss Freemasonry with his family and friends. This website provides a huge amount of material which is a valuable resource for any mentor and I am grateful to those brethren who have given the product of their work freely for the benefit of others. The content is continually being added to as new work is being added, which proves that mentoring is a dynamic process throughout the Craft.

We must not forget, however, that the essence of mentoring is a one to one relationship between the mentor and the candidate. The Oxford Dictionary defines a mentor as “An inexperienced person’s advisor”, the idea is that the new member is shown the ropes and becomes involved in the work and life of the Lodge. The object of this library, and of all the schemes, is to provide support to these Mentors so that if they do not know all the answers they have a point of reference where they can find them.

I am very keen that every Master Mason should be encouraged to complete his Third Degree by being Exalted into the Royal Arch. You will therefore find that information regarding the Royal Arch and ideas as to how the Master Mason can be introduced to it will be added to this Library, as well as suggestions as to how to Mentor him once he has joined.

Finally I would like to thank all of you who have taken on the responsibility of looking after and mentoring our new members. It is key to the future of the Craft and I wish you success in your work.

Peter Lowndes